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Little gem cylinder player by Edison with case. Graphophone outside horn, displayed at 1900 Paris and 1904 exposition  St Louis is on the label


Victorian hanging parlor lamp circa 1880’s manufacturer by miller color pigeon blood


Nippon and R.S. Pressia Persian  game plates, vases, bowls, and carnival, and Soap Stone carvings


Nippon snuff bottle reversed painted with jade stopper

      Console phonograph artophone made in St Louis wind up  
      Empire 1850’s fire place mantel  5 x 7 feet with 3 foot opening. Believed to be made out of cherry or mahogany. Mantle clock Ingram  

Franciscan wear apple pattern 1940 to 1949 4 piece set


Top left, Victorian style frame with mirror, unknown, basket of chicks original 1906, German lithograph in period frame.  Bottom row, black girl, original oil painted In Africa at least 50 years old. Original oil on canvas approximately  80 years old painted in Africa, new frames, Victorian 3 dimensional picture. Wall sconce circa 1950 Cherrie. Clock lion head clock marble and brass


Vanity Fair Statesmen #87 Man of the day # 86, Statesman # 72


Hand painted wall hanging 3 x 3 foot, no documentation background cemetery village, deer bats and the owl follows you around, no signature but has not been removed from frame


Water fountain hand painted, not antiques




Misc. mechanical banks, not antiques

      Older mechanical banks  

Barber sterilizer sterilizer deco 1940’s


Speed graphic press camera mid 1940’s 4 x 5 film


Sail boat, World War II u boat, chris craft models